Pleasant Street Residence

In a truly unique collaboration, the client and home owner, Brian Schipper, lead the design effort for this incredible home. He chose to task Lucid Architecture with the role of Architect of Record to ensure that his vision and all of the design details were executed with the highest degree of clarity and finish.

Brian, well versed in Mid Century Modern design and living, approached Lucid with their vision for a new residence in Saugatuck. He directed all design aspects of this project to ensure everything (right down to the curtain pleats) truly embodies classic Mid Century Modern style and detail. After abandoning an earlier less purely modern design, the floor plan for the home was drawn by Brian on a rainy Saturday while living in San Francisco in 2015. He located the structure around six 160 year-old white and red oak trees that were preserved on the site, and took advantage of a building location established by a previous existing structure on the site. To continue the in-town living style that Brian and his husband have enjoyed on the porch of their 1908 Arts and Crafts house located a block away, the streetward edge of the home was pushed forward on the site to maintain the built edge of the existing streetscape.

A rigorous 8’ structural grid defined the organization in which the client’s plan took shape. Conceptually, the home is divided into two zones.  The public living spaces are open to the street in the south zone, and the private spaces are located in the north zone in the rearward part of the home. Exterior walls are either glass or vertical cedar infilled between the structural framing, carefully chosen based on function within. The cantilevered roof dramatically reaches out to shelter the house as well as outdoor areas and entryways. The skin of the home is clad with solid cedar wall panels, or transparent floor to ceiling glass wall panels inserted between the 8’ structural grid. The informal orientation of the entrance, screened porch, large open kitchen and garage are intended to encourage casual spontaneous interactions with friends and family.

saugatuck mid century modern home design cedar glass warm west michigan


The mostly transparent street elevation gives a glimpse into the home, while the fireplace feature wall provides privacy to the rear spaces.  The structural grid is expressed at the exterior with black cladding wrapped onto the steel frame between the wall panels.  A continuous band of clerestory windows wraps the entire home and gives the roof a floating feel.

Exterior details.

On any project and especially this one, the exterior details are of particular importance.  Multiple options of window designs, roof overhang detailing, and siding details were developed, detailed, and reviewed with the client.


With ample natural light and a hidden pantry, the Sapele kitchen serves as well as it entertains.

The overhang.

The 6’ cantilevered overhang provides ample shelter for weather and shading from the midday summer sun.  Careful detailing ensured perfect alignment between the soffit and interior ceiling, as well as floor to ceiling windows.

saugatuck mid century modern home plan design warm large roof overhang west michigan
Pleasant Street Residence Home mid century modern design elevation drawing

Screen Porch.

A screen porch spills out onto the back patio and provides ample space to entertain friends and family.

screen porch cedar mid century modern lucid architecture


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