Point Betsie Retreat

The Pointe Betsie Residence is a home designed as a generational family retreat on the northern Lake Michigan shoreline.  The home is carefully sited on a sensitive critical dune site to work with the natural topography and to maintain as many of the existing tree forms as possible.  The building form echos many of the historical structures in the area.  Due to the EGLE critical dune setbacks, views of the water are only possible from the upper level of the home.  Primary living and sleeping spaces are grouped on the upper level of the house to capture the water views, while secondary sleeping spaces and entertainment zones of the house are located on the ground floor.  Durable thermally modified wood and metal roofing is chosen as the material palette to provide a shield to the weather and high exposure of the site.

The Site

Located in northern Michigan, the site for the Pointe Betsie Residence is presents multiple challenges including Critical Dune, wetlands, and other sensitive habitats.  With a backdrop of larger dune features, the site consists of rolling small dunes, stunted evergreen pine trees, and various native ground cover plant species.  Views to the south include the historic Point Betsie Lighthouse, and views to the north are of untouched rugged coastline.