Sky Ridge Residence

Located on a gorgeous, secluded building site off of a neighborhood in Grand Rapids, the house is approached by means of a steep, tree covered drive. A concrete wall extends out to direct guests to the front of the home and it’s steel door entry, but also deflects attention from the actual garage and homeowner’s parking.

The residence is situated on axis with the property’s natural flat spot while hugging the top of the hill in order to be an integral part of the land on which it will be built. A large concrete chimney, that’s visible from both the interior and exterior of the home, creates a visually interesting focal point with it’s architectural presence as well as strong anchor for all the spaces. Exposed steel structure allows for large open spaces and reaches out toward the exterior to create connectedness with the surrounding wooded area. A vierendeel steel truss was incorporated to afford structurally for a 30’ lift and slide, which also works toward connectedness. An open u-shaped stair to a featured space on the upper level provides the coveted tree top view.


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